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Maps and Descriptions

Congressional, Legislative & Judicial Districts
Candidates who seek office in a district may obtain signatures only from registered voters in the district. In order to determine the district(s) for an address, please enter the address in the district locator. Maps and legal descriptions are available for 2001 Congressional, 2001 Representative, 2011 Congressional, 2011 Senate, and 2011 Representative districts.

Wall maps are available by contacting the State Board of Elections.
They are 24” x 40”, and come in a set of four.
Below are PDF downloadable versions of the wall maps:
2011 Congressional District Map – NE Illinois
2011 Congressional District Map – Statewide
2011 Legislative District Map – NE Illinois
2011 Legislative District Map - Statewide

The Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts
The Administrative Courts provide maps on their website for the Judicial Circuits, and the Judicial Districts. By clicking on the above link, you will be directed to their website.

The Cook County Judicial Circuit as well as the Twelfth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Nineteenth, and Twenty-Second circuits have been divided into subcircuits (downstate and collar county subcircuits) for the purpose of electing subcircuit judges. Maps and legal descriptions are available for all subcircuits.

Maps and Descriptions