Filing of Complaints
Persons who wish to file a complaint for a violation of provisions of the Election Code, other than Article 9, may do so by submitting the complaint in writing to the Executive Director. The complaint must include the name of the person submitting the complaint (the SBE will not evaluate anonymous complaints), and a way of contacting the person making the complaint, such as an address, e-mail address and/or a telephone number. The complaint must also specify the statutory provision(s) that has been violated, and describe in particular the nature of the complaint. If available, documentary evidence, (including photographs) should be included with the filing as well as contact information for any witnesses. Complainants alleging election-day violations should be brought to the attention of the Election Authority of the jurisdiction in which the alleged violation occurred (In most jurisdictions, the election authority is the county clerk.). Complaints alleging a criminal violation such as vote fraud, voter intimidation, etc., should be referred to the State’s Attorney’s office of the county in which the alleged violation occurred, as the State Board of Elections lacks jurisdiction to commence a criminal prosecution. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Board staff will evaluate the matters alleged, and if it appears a violation has occurred, the complaint will be referred to the appropriate office for further review and possible prosecution. [10 ILCS 5/1A-8]. Complaints alleging a violation of Article 9 (the Campaign Finance Act) must be filed pursuant to the provisions contained in Section 5/9-20 of the Election Code.

Steve Sandvoss
Executive Director, Illinois State Board of Elections
2329 S. MacArthur Blvd., Springfield IL, 62704