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National Voter Registration Act (Motor Voter)

National Voter Registration Act (Motor Voter)
Illinois is fully implementing the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) throughout the state. After undergoing a series of judicial proceedings, the Illinois program became operational in August of 1995 as a two-tiered system. This meant that those registering under the NVRA could vote only for federal offices.

However, since October of 1996 when all litigation ceased, Illinois now operates under a unitary system of registration. This simply means that any registered voter is eligible to vote the full ballot.

Voter registration opportunities are available by all methods mandated by the NVRA: state drivers license facilities, social service agency registration, and mail registration.
Although the Illinois General Assembly has not passed any legislation to implement the NVRA in Illinois, the State Board of Elections has done so by its rule making authority. These rules will remain in effect until such time as pre-emptive legislation is passed.

National Voter Registration Act (Motor Voter)