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Educational Tools

Educational Tools
Let's Vote and the related Coloring Book are designed for students kindergarten through 3rd grade.

The pages of Let’s Vote contain information and procedures for conducting an election for the "offices" of favorite animals and birds. Additionally, a ballot for President and Vice President is included.

The section labeled Teacher’s Procedures includes suggested related activities and a schedule of pre-election and election day procedures.

The Appendix contains suggested ballots, polling place signs, word puzzles based on election terminology, and a maze to find the polling place.

Mock Election 2016 is designed for students 4th through 12th grades. The guide provides teachers with background information, election procedures and forms necessary to conduct an election based on candidates from the 2016 General Election.

Included in the guide....

The teacher’s background covers areas such as: voter qualifications, voter registration, appointing judges of elections and pollwatchers, marking ballots, counting votes, and more. Go to the Election Procedures section to find a schedule of activities beginning several weeks before the November 8 General Election. (An outline of procedures in index form is found on page i.) These activities include appointing an election authority, judges of election and pollwatchers. You will even find a suggested layout for your polling place. The Appendix provides all the necessary forms including voter registration form, notice of election form, "Vote Here" and "Polling Place" signs, affidavits, and more. The 2016 ballot includes the following candidates: President/Vice President, and U.S. Senator.

Let’s Vote, the related Coloring Book, and Mock Election 2016 are downloadable and may be copied and used to meet your requirements.

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Educational Tools