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 Illinois Voter Registration Application Form (Engl
Illinois Voter Registration Application Form (English) Voter Registration Application Form (English)
 Illinois Online Voter Registration
The new Illinois Online Voter Registration System allows voters to fill out and print their application to register to vote online.

 Voter Registration
Registration and Voting Am I registered to vote in Illinois? Illinois citizens may check to see if they are registered to vote.

 Registering to Vote in Illinois
identification with your mail-in form, you must vote in-person the first time. Can I register to vote or update my registration online in Illinois? Yes

 Illinois State Board of Elections
Voting and Elections Register a Business Voting By Mail In Illinois Registering To Vote In Illinois

 Forwarding to the Registration Lookup Page......
Registration and Voting Register a Business Am I Registered To Vote In Illinois? Street Number can only contain alpha

 Registration and Voting
Am I registered to vote in If you have questions about voting by mail see the State Board of Election's Voting by Mail Pamphlet.

 Information For Voters
Am I Registered to Vote in Illinois? How do I Register to Vote? Registering to Vote in Illinois(pamphlet)

 Voting by Mail
Voting by mail is an option for voters to cast their ballot prior to election day. Voters can request a vote by mail ballot through the mail or

 Early Voting Brochure
discretion of the election authority. People who register during the Grace Period are not eligible to vote at an Early Voting location or at a polling place on Election Day

 Learning About Elections
Register a Business Informed voters are a vital part of the Registering to Vote

 Federal Legislation
to set up a MOVE account to register to vote and to request a vote by mail ballot for upcoming Federal Elections. This site was NASS Summary of the Military and

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