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Understanding Campaign Disclosure

Understanding Campaign Disclosure
Education of candidates, committee officers, and the general public is a high priority within the Campaign Disclosure Division of the Board of Elections. Publications serve an important role in this education process for the general public.

The entire text of the Campaign Disclosure Act and the rules governing the law are available in the Campaign Disclosure Act and Rules and Regulations.

The Guide to Campaign Disclosure gives an overview of the Act, complete with examples and explanations in language that is helpful and understandable.

To further assist in understanding terminology, look at the Glossary of Common Campaign Disclosure Terms.

To gain more understanding of the parties involved in the election process, see Political Committee Acronyms (Pacronyms), an alphabetical list of acronyms, abbreviations, initials and common names of Illinois political action committees.
The Contribution Limits for Campaign Disclosure pamphlet provides information on contribution limits that will be in effect for all Illinois political committees as of January 1, 2011.

Understanding Campaign Disclosure