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We're redesigning our website and we want your input!

Search Options

To search for a particular committee, choose the Committee Search. Search options include name, address, and committee ID. Basic information for each committee includes the name, address, officers, candidates or propositions supported or opposed, and a filing history.

A candidate search may be conducted by using any of the available fields. Entering the candidate’s last name is usually the best way to search; first name may be used if there is only one possible spelling. A candidate who has run for more than one office will appear as a separate candidate for each office sought. A candidate may or may not form a new committee for each new office. Selection of a particular candidate will lead to the committee formed by this candidate and ultimately to the committee’s filing history.

A search for contributions may be a simple Contribution Search or they can be searched by Candidate, Committee, or Proposition. There are five different categories of receipts; individual contributions, transfers in, loans received, other receipts, and in-kind contributions (gifts of goods or services). You may search all types or each separately. Only receipts exceeding $150 in aggregate are itemized at the time of filing; therefore, smaller contributions cannot be searched by contributor. The following information is available: For all contributions the contributor name and address, amount of contribution, and date received; Occupation and employer for all individuals contributing more than $500; Total loan amount, loan endorsers, and amount endorsers for loans received; and a Description of all in-kind contributions.

Expenditures may be searched by using a simple Expenditure Search or they can be searched by Candidate, Committee, or Proposition. There are three different categories of expenditures; transfers out, loans made, and general expenditures. Like contributions, you may search all types or each separately. Only expenditures exceeding $150 in aggregate to a single vendor will be itemized at the time of filing; therefore, smaller expenditures will not be searchable as that information was not filed with the Board. Information included for each expenditure is the amount and date of the expenditure, the purpose of the expenditure, the beneficiary of the expenditure, and the vendor name and address.

Committee Totals
Totals for committees may also be searched. Summary totals from the latest report filed by each committee may be found in the search. Latest committee totals may be searched by name, city, and even a zip code range. Latest committee totals may also be searched by candidate and by proposition. It may be a search for a single candidate or a category of candidates; the same holds true for a proposition search.

Summary Committee Totals
Summary Committee Totals adds together totals for each report for all committees found in the search. Based upon the search criteria entered, these totals may include not only figures from more than one committee, but also figures from more than one reporting period. Summary Committee Totals may be for a single committee or for a category of committees. Summary Committee Totals also may be searched by a candidate or category of candidates or by a proposition or a category of propositions.

Search Options