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Contribution Limits Off Search

There are 3 ways in which contribution limits can be lifted in an election race -- as a result of:

(1) any candidate in the race reaching the Self-Funding threshold ($250,000 for statewide races and $100,000 for all other races);
(2) independent expenditure spending by an Independent Expenditure Committee exceeding $250,00 (for statewide races) or $100,000 (for all other races); or
(3) independent expenditure spending by a Natural Person exceeding $250,000 (for statewide races) or $100,000 (for all other races).

** Contribution limits may also be lifted if the Board determines that any combination of (2) and (3) above exceeds the threshold.

In each case, the removal of limits affects all candidates for the same office and lasts through the remainder of the current election cycle. In cases of self-funding during a primary election cycle, the limit removal can extend through the following election cycle as well, if the candidate who becomes self-funding wins the primary election. For more information on contribution limits, please refer to Section 5/9-8.5 of the Disclosure Act.

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Contribution Limits Off Search