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We're redesigning our website and we want your input!


Procedure for Public Comments
Please use the links below to download the provisions for Public Comments and Requests to Address the Board.

Email completed forms to Board Liaison
Amy Calvin.

Procedure for Public Comments
Request to Address the Board Form
Appearance Form
Please use the link below to download the Appearance Form for parties with pending Campaign Disclosure matters.

Email completed forms to Board Liaison
Amy Calvin.

Appearance Form

Board Meeting Schedule
Board Meeting
Time Principal Location Comments
Tuesday, July 10, 20189:00 a.m.Chicago 
Tuesday, July 10, 20189:00 a.m.ChicagoAdditional material for special board packet.
Tuesday, July 10, 201810:30 a.m.Chicago 
Tuesday, July 10, 201810:30 a.m.ChicagoAdditional material regular board packet.
Tuesday, July 10, 201810:30 a.m.ChicagoState Officers Electoral Board meeting.
Friday, August 24, 201810:30 a.m.ChicagoStatutory date to certify for the ballot for the November General Election.
Friday, August 24, 201810:30 a.m.ChicagoState Officers Electoral Board.
Monday, September 17, 201810:30 a.m.Springfield 
Tuesday, October 16, 201810:30 a.m.Chicago 
Monday, November 19, 201810:30 a.m.Springfield 
Monday, November 19, 201810:30 a.m.SpringfieldUpdated agenda and additional material.
Monday, December 03, 20189:00 a.m.ChicagoProclamation of results of the November General Election.
Tuesday, January 22, 201910:30 a.m.Springfield 
Wednesday, February 20, 201910:30 a.m.Chicago 
Monday, March 18, 201910:30 a.m.Springfield 
Monday, April 01, 20194:00 p.m.Chicago 
Tuesday, April 16, 201910:30 a.m.Chicago 
Monday, May 20, 201910:30 a.m.Springfield 
Tuesday, June 18, 201910:30 a.m.Chicago 
Each meeting is connected via video conference in the non-principal location. If the principal location is Springfield, the non-principal location is Chicago and vice versa. All meetings will begin at 10:30 a.m. Dates, times and location of the meetings are subject to change. Notice of any changes will be posted prior to the meeting or information can be obtained by calling 217/782-4141 or 312/814-6440.

State Board of Elections office locations:
2329 S. MacArthur Blvd.
Springfield, Illinois 62704
Telephone: 217/782-4141
Fax: 217/782-5959
James R. Thompson Center
100 West Randolph
Suite 14-100
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Telephone: 312/814-6440
Fax: 312/814-6485

Archived Agendas: