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Friends of Omar Aquino

Purpose: To support the Candidacy of Omar Aquino

2067 N Lorel Ave
Chicago, IL 60639


Committee ID 25909

Type of Committee:Candidate
Creation Date:5/14/2014

Report TypeReporting PeriodFiledPagesClarification
Quarterly (Amendment)7/1/2015 to 9/30/201511/2/2015 9:13:42 PM
Filed electronically
3Corrected receipts and expenditures.
Quarterly (Amendment)4/1/2015 to 6/30/201511/2/2015 9:12:57 PM
Filed electronically
14corrected receipts and expenditures.
Quarterly (Amendment)1/1/2015 to 3/31/201511/2/2015 9:12:21 PM
Filed electronically
31Corrected recipts and expenses.
Quarterly (Amendment)10/1/2014 to 12/31/201411/2/2015 9:05:34 PM
Filed electronically
8Corrected expenditures and receipts.
Quarterly (Amendment)7/1/2014 to 9/30/201411/2/2015 9:05:01 PM
Filed electronically
13Corrected expenditures and receipts.
Quarterly (Amendment)4/1/2015 to 6/30/201510/31/2015 11:48:17 AM
Filed electronically
13corrected expenses
Quarterly (Amendment)1/1/2015 to 3/31/201510/31/2015 11:41:50 AM
Filed electronically
30corrected expenses, contributions
Quarterly (Amendment)10/1/2014 to 12/31/201410/31/2015 11:40:37 AM
Filed electronically
8corrected duplicate expenses
Quarterly (Amendment)7/1/2015 to 9/30/201510/29/2015 1:25:46 PM
Filed electronically
3added missing expenditures
Quarterly (Amendment)4/1/2015 to 6/30/201510/29/2015 1:23:23 PM
Filed electronically
11added expenditures
Quarterly (Amendment)1/1/2015 to 3/31/201510/29/2015 1:22:44 PM
Filed electronically
31Added missing expenditures.
Quarterly7/1/2015 to 9/30/201510/10/2015 7:19:29 AM
Filed electronically
Quarterly (Amendment)4/1/2015 to 6/30/201510/10/2015 7:19:12 AM
Filed electronically
7expenditure corrected
Quarterly4/1/2015 to 6/30/20157/15/2015 11:11:40 AM
Filed electronically
A-1 ($1000+ Year Round)
4/1/2015 to 6/30/2015
5/11/2015 8:44:27 PM
Filed electronically

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